I 'met' my first computer in the early sixties when I was in my mid-teens. The Maths department of the college where my father lectured in Physics had bought a Stantec Zebra - a valve (tube) serial computer with drum storage and mercury delay line memory. Input vas via switches and a telephone dial; output was blips on a 3" or 4" CRT in the 3' x 7' front panel.

My first job after university was with Burroughs Machines installing small computers in bank branches. They too were serial machines, but with fixed head disk instead of the drum, and shift registers instead of delay lines. They were built into a desk with a keyboard and printer embedded in the top. The Computer Museum at Bletchley Park has an example of the commercial wide carriage version.

Since then, apart from two years as a theatre sound technician, I have worked with a GE-415, PDP-8e, M6800, CA400, Prime 100, Texas 9900 & 9995 as an assembler programmer. Then Onyx (Unix Version 6), Fortune (Version 7), Vax 780 (Bsd4.1 & 4.3), Apollo, Sun (3, 4, then Solaris to v7) and HP-UX (8 to 11i) as a SysAdmin. Personally, I use Apple Macs.

I have been married to Liz since 1974, and we have both a daughter (now married) and a son. We live in Gloucestershire in the UK.