These businesses, organisations and other bodies are based in Corse or Staunton.
The list is far from exhaustive.

IVD Computer Services
My trading name for freelance Unix System Administration. I don't do PCs, but I do work with Apple Macs

We have an excellent Butcher's shop.

Ben Creese - 01452 840510

Beef, Pork & Lamb. Pig Roasts & Barbecues

I can personally reccomend his quality products. No connection, just a satisfied customer.

Roy Chaffey - Handyman, Painting & Decorating

01452 840443

Corse & Staunton Cricket Club

Nutshell Design Studios
Carole Magloyden ACIM

01452 840867

The Doctors' Surgery has a web site at
You can order repeat prescriptions from here

Staunton Garden Centre


Also has the Grapevine Restaurant
Monday-Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm (Sunday roast)

Malcolm Harley - Builder

01452 840391

The Corse PC sponsored site:


Treona Nurseries

Gloucester Road opposite the school

Corse Garage - Tom Field

01452 840233

Staunton Stores & Post Office
01452 84022
Opening times
(because I can never remember them)

Staunton Cross Garage - Ian Fardon

01452 840201 / 840077

Nutshell B&B

John Coldicott, B Vet Med, MRVCS

01452 840737 / 01684 292177

Any Corse or Staunton business or organisation can contact me for inclusion here at no cost. Extra pages can be negotiated.