Prince of Wales Function Room, Corse

Monday 8th November. 7.30 p.m.


Present (19) Carole & Jasper Magloyden, Diane & Clive Dent, Bas Allen, Graham Bruce, Philip Burford, Fiona & Steve Wallbank, David Spry, Francis & Philip Tasker, John Collins, Julian Harley, Julian Jones, Ben Rendall, Sadie & Simon Ashley, Sheila Millichap.

Apologies were received from Pat Lewis, Norman Davis, Sophie Holmes, Jane Cox, Ben Creese, Alfie Bates and Mike Bradbury.

The Agenda as presented was agreed

There were 2 matters of Unforeseen Business to be raised :-

  1. Carole had an update on the Speed Limit discussion
  2. Graham had information on a Planning Application for Travellers Vans in Worcester Road, Corse.


Carole Magloyden gave a brief report on the meeting held in September. Sophie Holmes of Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC) attended and was amazed at the turnout (approx 150) but advised on a smaller nucleus to take the project forward. A show of hands voted 75% in favour of producing a Parish Plan either singularly or as a joint project. There was some heated discussion both for and against the two Parishes doing a combined plan

Mr. Dent stated that the District Council was keen to encourage co-operation between Parishes and a common plan may obtain more money.

When putting together a plan it would be necessary to consider both the District and County Plans and it was agreed that all parties would work together until a basic plan was put together, then a decision on whether it should be presented as one or two plans be taken.

The Residents Association has been provisionally named The Two Villages Residents Association so as to avoid upsetting either camp and a draft constitution is available.

Copy of the SWOT Analysis produced at the public meeting was passed to all present and it was to be the basis for the questionnaire to be produced. The points raised had been collated under specific headings ­ on reflection it was noted that there was need for an additional one ­ Business & Agriculture.


Any Parish Plan required a lot of involvement, talking to the community, obtaining responses to the questionnaire and a time scale of between 12-18 months should be envisaged.

Many people had expressed interest at the Public Meeting, but not necessarily specific interest and it was thought that there was benefit in different interest groups meeting frequently and reporting back to the Steering Group. There was a need to spread and collate information and the villages would be divided into sectors or even roads to achieve this.

Numbers of other Village Plans Steering Groups ranged between 8 and 15 but as this was a joint village project it was decided that all present at this meeting should be nominated to join the Steering Group with specific posts as follows ­

Representative Corse Parish CouncilPat Lewis
Representative Staunton Parish CouncilClive Dent
TreasurerJane Cox
ChairmanCarole MagloydenDiane DentPhilip Burford
SecretarySheila MillichapCarole MagloydenBas Allen
Residents Association RepresentativeTheir Chairman, at present Bas Allen
Community Groups InterestGraham Bruce
Local BusinessesPhilip Burford
Young PeopleJulian Jones

Diane Dent stated she had a particular interest in the Business Plan, Ramblers interest and Road Safety

Mr. Ashley would look closely at the input achievable from the Age Group 7-14 year olds

Children were to be encouraged to take part particularly at Primary Level

Help with administration was offered by Messrs Tasker, Burford and Spry who could do printing.

The matter of a computer program was brought up and Sophie Holmes was to be asked what if anything was available but it was thought that a personal one could be achieved quite easily on a Spreadsheet and David Spry was to give this consideration.


In Jane Cox’s absence Mr. Dent read through the paperwork submitted for applying for the grant available - this was only small - £1000. or 75% of the total cost, whichever was the greater. 20% of the costs was allowed to be in kind. Any further expenditure would have to be sort via sponsorship.

There was need to nominate a main contact, during office hours and this was decided as the Chairman.

It was stressed that no expenses incurred before acceptance of the bid would be allowed and the process was likely to take some 8 weeks.

Printing the final report and printing and circulating the initial questionnaire were likely to be the big costs. The Landlord of the Prince of Wales very kindly offered the use of the Committee Room free of charge. It was thought that a calendar would possibly have more appeal than a thick glossy booklet.

It was decided that costings on other Village Plans should be sort from Sophie by Jane and a bid of £2,500. should be tried for the joint venture.


The Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Parish Councillors were to put together the figures for the bid.

The District Council was to be approached regarding mailing labels

The District Council was to be approached regarding an overview of Planning possibly inviting an officer to a public meeting.

The Questionnaire needed very careful thought and a great deal of research. Phraseology could produce completely different answers, if multi choice always have a ‘don’t know or not interested choice box. Focus groups to discuss with the community. Local interest needed to be encouraged at all levels. Points needed to be actionable ­ no unattainable wish lists.


Differ to next meeting.

General ideas put forward were

Parish Notice Boards,

Parish Magazine,

Corse Web Site ­ the SWOT analysis printout would be put on this now


a) The Speed Limit through the village was still under discussion with the developers willing to pay up and Shire Hall and the Police still squabbling about what was possible.

Police say we are too rural to qualify for a 30 mph limit except in the very centre of the Village. We want a Gateway to the village and 40 mph from Orridge Street and a 30 mph from the Village Hall.

b) Forest of Dean Planning were considering an application for change of use of a field between the new Bakery buildings and the Council Houses on Worcester Road to site 16 caravans and fairground equipment. Applicant and all residents to be from the Showman’s Guild. There were already problems with the sewer at that end of the village.

The field lay very wet in places and the entrance gate had already been altered and greatly widened without permission. The area was an accident black spot and large slow moving trailers would be a considerable danger. Ashleworth Parish were to have an emergency meeting this week as all children would have to attend their school - Corse and Hartpury being full.


The first meeting of the Steering Group was fixed for Monday 6th December, 7.30 p.m at the Prince of Wales, Corse.

Principle aims to extend the SWOT analysis and compile a Focus Groups List